Dog Walking, Daycare & Boarding in Chester

Terms & Conditions

At Canine Capers we endeavour to provide the best possible care for your dog(s) but wish clients to understand that though the nature of ‘home boarding’ means that your dog’s level of stress and anxiety will be minimised whilst you are away (they will of course miss you but most actually thoroughly enjoy their time here!!!!) dogs will be dogs and so problems and issues which are eliminated by the isolation of a traditional ‘Kennels’ environment can arise so please take some time to read the terms and conditions below.

Please do not hesitate to call us at any tie to discuss anything here or if you have any questions
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By agreeing to use Canine Capers through completion of the booking form and payment of the agreed fee, clients agree to these terms and conditions

1. Dogs, whether being walked, boarded or on day care will be kept and walked with other dogs from different households within a pack environment all dogs are transported to and from walks in our vans and will be transported with other dogs.

2. Clients must provide Canine Capers with full and detailed information about their dog(s) In particular, the client undertakes to make a full and frank disclosure on the booking form of any matter, fact, or characteristic concerning their dog(s) which might impact on the care of their dog including, but not limited to, behavioural or health matters, antisocial behaviour including aggression, separation anxiety, destructive behaviour, excessive pulling on the lead, propensity to run away on walks or from the home/garden, incontinence, phobias or fears, excessive loud barking or whining etcs(We fully appreciate
that some dogs may initially behave out of character at first but we are very experienced and will always do our best to help them settle in as soon as possible)

3. Should any client’s dog(s) show persistent and overly aggressive behaviour whilst in our care or their behaviour becomes uncontrollable or a nuisance beyond reasonable acceptance, the dog(s) may be placed in the clients preferred alternative location as specified on the booking form (specific local kennels may be subject to availability and so a suitable alternative may be used) and any additional costs, including a £15 transportation fee, will be met by the clients The client further agrees that if their dog attacks, or is involved in a fight with another dog, (and/or person) causing injury to that dog (or person) they will be responsible for any financial losses incurred as a result including, but not limited to, payment of veterinary fees in respect of injuries to another animal caused by their dogs. Costs already incurred by Canine Capers in this regard must be reimbursed by the client within 7 days of the collection date.

4. The client’s agreement is conditional upon an initial introductory meeting with Canine Capers, with the dog or dogs who are to attend Canine Capers. At the meeting the client’s dog(s) can meet our own dogs and we can assess their suitability for attending Canine Capers. We reserve the right entirely at our discretion to decline any bookings.

5. We reserve the right to decline care for any dog we consider to be visibly unwell at the time of the dog(s) arrival at Canine Capers.

6. Canine Capers accepts a limited number of boarders at any one time and so once a booking has been made, delivery and collection dates/times must be adhered to so as not to interfere with other booking’s. If a booking needs to be brought forward or extended for any reason clients should notify us as soon as possible and we will try to accommodate this. If we cannot extend the boarding due to other booking commitments we will place the dog(s) in the clients preferred alternative location as specified on the booking form (specific local kennels may be subject to availability and so a suitable alternative may be used) and any additional costs, including a £15 transportation fee, will be met by the clients. Costs already
incurred by Canine Capers in this regard must be reimbursed by the client within 7 days of the collection.

7. Sufficient food and supplies must be left at Canine Capers for the duration of the stay. Any additionally
required supplies purchased by us during the stay must be reimbursed by the client upon collection of their

8. All dogs must be free from fleas and worms before attending Canine Capers.

9. All dogs must have a collar and owners ID tag during their stay at Canine Capers.

10. Food must be provided, clearly labelled with the dogs name and frequency/quantity of food.

11. Clients must inform us before making a booking if their dog(s) is a bitch which will or may be in season during their stay so that we can assess their suitability for boarding on the proposed date’s. If we are not informed we cannot be held responsible in the event that their dog(s) mate with another boarder during their stay.

12. Canine Capers reserves the right to charge for any damage (other than reasonable wear and tear) caused by the client’s dog to our home or furnishings during the course of the dog’s stay.

13. If the client wishes us to exercise their dog off lead, they must sign an offlead instruction on the booking form, under which the client accepts responsibility for loss of or injury to their dog(s) and any third party liability’s.

14. In the event of your dog becoming ill or injured during their time with Canine Capers, we will administer first aid immediately and if required, seek veterinary treatment. Should veterinary treatment be necessary, we will contact the owners/emergency contact at the first possible opportunity, once any immediate care needs have been met. Should the owner and the Emergency Contact specified in the booking form not be available during an emergency, agreement is given to Canine Capers to take any decision necessary regarding the dogs health provided it is acting in the best interests of the dog(s) and is on the advice of a qualified veterinary surgeons any veterinary bills incurred during the period of the booking, as well as other
incidental expenses plus a £15 transportation cost per visit to the veterinary surgery, will be reimbursed to Canine Capers by the client within 7 days of the collection date.

15. If any dog is not collected, or the owner or emergency contact have not contacted us within 72 hours after the due collection date, it will be considered that the dogs have been abandoned and Canine Capers reserves the right to place the dog with an animal charity or rescue organisation. Any costs incurred will be the responsibility of the owners under these circumstances. Any boarding at Canine Capers beyond the collection agreed date will be charged at the standard rate plus a 50% surcharge payable on collection of the dog(s).

16. To confirm a booking, a 50% booking fee and a completed booking form must be submitted to Canine Capers. The booking fee should be transferred into our bank account: sort code 08-92-49 account number 13433567 or paid by cash at our initial meeting. The balance is to be paid on commencement of the dog(s) stay.

17. Boarding cancellations must be notified in writing by email to or via a message through our facebook page.
Upon receipt of the cancellation, booking fee refunds may be available on the following basis:
• More than 30 days notice – full refund
• 20-30 days notice – 75% refund
• 10-19 days notice – 50% refund
• Less than 10 days notice – no refund

18. Daycare and walk cancellations are subject to 48 hours notice or are fully chargeable at the standard rate. Regular daycare or walking slots will be held for a maximum of 2 weeks per annum to allow for holidays/absences, beyond the 2 weeks, we cannot guarantee your dogs space upon their return unless the space is paid for throughout the absence.